Did You Know? Global Surgery

This job isn't always easy

By: Lois McGruder-Jarman, CPC

Director of Coding & Compliance, MedCycle Solutions

CMS is currently focusing on 0-Day Global Surgery because it is supposed to include ROUTINE Evaluation and Management (E & M), so these procedures would normally be billed with modifier 25.


Current Procedures Under Review by CMS include:

  • 11755 Biopsy of finger or toe nail
  • 20526 Injection of carpal tunnel
  • 20551 Injections of tendon attachment to bone
  • 20612 Aspiration and/or injection of cysts
  • 29105 Application of long arm splint (shoulder to hand)
  • 29540 Strapping of ankle and/or foot
  • 29550 Strapping of toes
  • 43760 Change of stomach feeding, accessed through the skin
  • 45300 Diagnostic examination of rectum and large bowel using an endoscope
  • 57150 Irrigation of vagina and/or application of drug to treat infection
  • 57160 Fitting and insertion of vaginal support device
  • 58100 Biopsy of uterine lining
  • 64405 Injection of anesthetic agent, greater occipital nerve
  • 64455 Injections of anesthetic and/or steroid drug into nerve of foot
  • 65205 Removal of foreign body in external eye, conjunctiva
  • 65210 Removal of foreign body in external eye, conjunctiva or sclera
  • 67515 Injection of medication or substance into membrane covering eyeball
  • G0168 Wound closure utilizing tissue adhesive(s) only
  • G0268 Removal of impacted cerumen (one or both ears) by physician on same date of service as audiologic function testing


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