Mentors are defined as “experienced, trusted advisors.”

We remember when we first started MedCycle Solutions. We remember the amount of questions we had, and even though we had a strong support system in other organizations and with each other, it still would have been nice to have an experienced advisor to use as a resource.

Our Mentoring Program is the resource system we wish we had. Here are a few of ways we can help you.

All Billers

  • Free blogs from the Mentoring Program team members
  • Determine your assets, talents and deficits
  • Guide you through what experience and/or education you should get
  • Best practices for workflows – from daily billing functions to working denials, from appealing tough claims to providing audits
  • Compliance guidance (HIPAA, OIG, etc.)
  • General coding questions, guidelines, regulations – not individual coding issues
  • Anything else? Call us – we’ll help if we can. If we can’t, we’ll find you someone that can.


Education & Certification

We strongly believe in the value of obtaining industry education & certifications. We are pleased to be able to offer you these resources, through our Educational Portal – Course Catalog.


Billing Center Owners

  • All items under “All Billers”, plus….
  • Business planning and guidance
  • Naming and branding your business – why it matters
  • Tailored feedback form for your business for you to follow along
  • Discussions on why finding the right business partners are important (CPA, banker, attorney, IT payroll, etc)
  • Highlight “must haves” areas to address in your services contract (note: sample contracts are not provided)
  • Review/proof your marketing materials
  • Tips, solutions and discussion on marketing, what works, what doesn’t and how can you improve upon your own marketing efforts
  • Identifying your services
  • Pricing your services
  • Putting together a bid and presenting it to a potential client
  • Negotiating with a potential client
  • Setting up a new client
  • Maintaining excellent customer service, retaining your clients
  • Working from home vs. the office setting – what’s best for your team?
  • What to do when you need extra help – where to find it, 1099 vs W2’s
  • Recruiting and retraining qualified team members
  • Handling client conflict
  • Anything else? Call us – we’ll help if we can. If we can’t, we’ll find you someone that can.
  • Parting ways with a client – gracefully.

We designed our Mentoring Program to offer additional support to practices that desire a more personal, one-to-one approach to all aspects of practice management. Whether you’re a biller at a clinic or work for a billing center – or you own a billing center – there are options for you!

Our Mentoring Program is a powerful way to give you and/or your practice the jump-start it needs to succeed.

Ready to learn more about how we can help your practice?