We know what it’s like for a patient and for a practice to have denied or delayed reimbursements. The stress is high, confidence is low and the last thing you have time to do is sit on the phone with insurance companies all day.

The MedCycle Solutions promise is that no other revenue cycle management team will fight harder for you and your patient’s claims. We have a deep passion and understanding for the healthcare industry and helping the person behind the claim. Randi and her team are your medical billing & revenue cycle management experts.


“Randi is a beautiful person to work with due to her exuberance, willingness to help, willingness to learn and her dedication to her family. How a person relates to their family is a true indication of how they will relate to their clients and Randi has a wonderful family relationship. I would not hesitate to recommend MedCycle Solutions to any client needing a billing service. There is no doubt that she would take care of them the same way she cares for her family.” ~ Don Self, Medical Reimbursement Consultant

“MedCycle Solutions has been able to add significant value to our clients in the billing office. Their skills and experience in medical clinic billing have proven to be a valuable commodity and service. They exhibit a passion for helping organizations and individuals and demonstrates emotional ownership.” ~ Jay Ross, CPA

“MedCycle Solutions has proven to be invaluable to our private practice. We switched to MedCycle Solutions (after evaluating several other billing services) from our previous billing company where we could never get personalized attention or direct one-on-one customer service, even after many emails and phone calls. MedCycle Solutions’ team has proven that they actually care about our practice, our patients and our bottom line. Their professionalism, expertise and willingness to go that extra mile are greatly appreciated. If we were to bring billing in house, it would be much more expensive, more difficult to manage and less efficient than outsourcing the work to MedCycle Solutions.” -Jessica, Business Office Manager

“When we first opened our practice the biggest concern was billing insurance for our services. We met with the MedCycle Solutions team and we could see a great relationship begin to form. We can completely rely on MedCycle Solutions and their wonderful team of knowledgeable billing professionals to do exactly what we need them to do. They work hard so that our reimbursement is the very best it can be!! We are so pleased to have MedCycle Solutions handle one of the most important aspects of our business!” -Stephanie, Business Office Manager

“When I was dealing with the stress of opening my own private practice, I was consistently impressed with MedCycle Solutions’ professionalism and ‘can-do’ approach. There was no question too big or challenge too small – I could rely on their team to guide me through.” -Sara, Business Office Manager

“I think I mentioned that insurance/claims are not my strongpoint so if you have any suggestions, I am more than open to hearing and learning all that I can about the subject. This is why we love working with you. You come highly recommended and in the little bit of time we have worked with you, you have more than proven yourself to be very knowledgeable. We are grateful for that.” – Missy, Business Office Manager

“Thank you for all you have done to help me with the billing problems. I know that my monthly claims are small in comparison to some of your other accounts – but I have always felt that you treat me with kindness, patience and friendliness. It is greatly appreciated!” – Jane S, Owner

“From day one, you have assisted us in so many ways. From setting up our practices’ paperwork to providing us with ongoing updates regarding our specialty to obtaining information for us at our request. I don’t know WHAT I’d do without your continued guidance! Thank you for all that you do – you truly make my job easier and more easy to manage! – Martha, Business Office Manager

“It is a pleasure to work with you for our billing needs. Your services have always been timely and your accommodation to special requests is much appreciated.” – Teresa, RN, Business Office Manager

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