We have a passion for helping small and mid-size businesses succeed. Further, the healthcare industry is our focus and our priority, helping privately-owned practices nationwide with their business office operations.

Practice Types

We focus on practices where we can make the greatest impact. In our experience, these practices often include:

  • Start-Ups
    Opening your own practice should be about the excitement of providing superior patient care. We partner with start-ups to position their practice for success. We work with revenue cycle, credentialing, staff training and EHR/PMS consulting.
  • Non-Profits
    Our non-profit clients tell us it’s hard to find partners willing to work with them at an affordable price. We believe in the mission of many non-profits and want to help them succeed. So, we work with non-profits to find solutions that meet their unique needs and budget.
  • Small & Mid-Size Practices
    Often times, small to mid-size practices don’t have the ability to hire certified coders or a full-time billing manager. By utilizing MedCycle Solutions, practices are able to fill full-time or interim positions to meet the needs of their clinic.

Pain Points

Healthcare practices face many challenges. We can help. Below are a few pain points that our clients were experiencing when they started working with us:

  • Denied claims
    Payers are very specific when it comes to claims. With missed revenue opportunities, erroneous codes or delayed submission, your practice could be losing revenue. By partnering with MedCycle Solutions, our clients experience increased revenue and less denied claims.
  • Difficulty hiring or limited access to talent pool
    Finding staff with the level of expertise and breadth of knowledge needed is sometimes difficult. By working with us, we can augment your staff and support your practice in the areas where you need it most. Or, we can train and educate your staff so they’re able to provide your practice with the greatest value.
  • Outstanding Accounts Receivable
    We understand that working your practices’ A/R often gets put on the back-burner. Time is limited and staff often either don’t know how to collect or simply don’t want to go through the uncomfortable process. But, with money on the table, you should be working through these accounts. MedCycle Solutions can help you clean up your books and reduce your outstanding AR with payers and self-pay patients.

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