At MedCycle Solutions, we understand the challenges that you face in your healthcare practice, because healthcare is all we do. We have the experience and staff to provide solutions that help your practice maximize reimbursements and get paid faster.

  • Multi-Platform Solutions
    Unlike other healthcare service providers, MedCycle Solutions works with multiple EHR/PMS platforms. We want your practice to choose the EHR/PMS that works the best for you. We will work with that platform and make it run better and more efficiently for your practice.
  • Flexibility of Private Ownership
    Because of our ownership structure, we have the flexibility to create services and solutions that are crafted specifically for the needs of your practice. We are not limited to a fee schedule or a specified set of guidelines. We work with your practice to identify where we can get the greatest results for you.
  • Project vs. Percentage-based fees
    The standard percentage-based fee system doesn’t work for everyone. MedCycle Solutions often works on an hourly and/or project-basis instead. By working this way, your practice won’t be penalized for growing its reimbursements.
  • Certified Staff
    Every member of our team is certified in their field of expertise and continues their education to ensure that they’re current on industry trends and standards.

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