Outsourced Coding


With the changes that healthcare has seen in the last few years, especially the transition to ICD-10, finding qualified and experienced coders has never been more difficult. The importance of accurate coding in a practice is vital. And, on the other hand, inaccurate coding can lead to payment delays, rejections and possibly audits.

Our clients use our Outsourced Coding services to enjoy a number of benefits:


Staffing Augmentation

Many of our client practices are experiencing short-term staffing issues like turnover or leaves of absence. In these cases, the practice has an immediate need to fill, and backfilling or hiring new staff takes too long. MedCycle Solutions employs a team of Certified Professional Coders that already have the experience that your team needs to fill the gaps.  


Practice Efficiency

Outsourcing part or all of the practice’s coding function can be an effective way to streamline workflows.  Outsourcing ensures that your workforce is efficient, effective and minimizes wasted time. Our clients are assigned dedicated coding staff that learns their practice and works efficiently to ensure accurate and timely medical coding. 



Small or start-up practices often don’t have the financial resources to hire a full-time coder on their staff. Our clients use us as their own coding team. We become an integral part of their business, becoming familiar with their specialty and the coding intricacies that come with their specific practice.



A common myth about outsourced coding is that it is more expensive than employing in-house resources. When benefits, PTO, meeting time and lost productivity due to turnover are factored in, outsourced coding is almost always comparable to employing in-house coders.

When your practice outsources part or all of its coding function, you can expect consistency, accuracy, timeliness and professionalism.

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