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Credentialing, enrollment, and contracs are crucial parts of starting a medical practice, transitioning to a new practice, or adding providers to your established practice. But, it can also be a long process that is stressful and time-consuming. 

MedCycle Solutions helps reduce stress, time commitment, and tedious credentialing and payer enrollment tasks.  We work with your providers to gather the information necessary for credentialing and enrollment into your contracted payers.

Our credentialing consulting team has experience and relationships with payers, allowing them to cut through the noise and get you credentialed more efficiently. 

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Why Choose MedCycle Solutions for Your Credentialing and Enrollment?


Get Paid Faster

Our credentialing and enrollment consultants have experience and expertise with the process. With our team working on your behalf, our clients find they can get credentialed and enrolled quicker, allowing them to start practicing and getting paid sooner.

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Reduce Stress

Getting credentialed and enrolled in necessary health plans takes many, many hours of paperwork and administrative effort. By having experts like MedCycle Solutions complete the process, the stress of finding the time, energy and resources to complete the process is greatly reduced.


Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Our team has extensive experience in the credentialing and enrollment forms for healthcare professionals. Our experience and knowledge of the process means we will get you set up right the first time and we will not stop until the process is complete.

Services We Offer

  • Our Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment offers tailored solutions for credentialing with commercial insurance providers.
  • We provide specialized services for enrolling with Medicare and Medicaid through our Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment.
  • Our CAQH Registration service offers nationwide CAQH registration for providers.
  • We offer both Type I and Type II NPI registration services through our NPI Registration. (providers nationwide) 
  • Our Revalidations service provides comprehensive revalidation services to keep you compliant.
  • We streamline your operations by implementing credentialing software platforms with our Software Implementation service.

    Contract & Fee Negotiations

    Why It Matters

    Successful contract negotiations are the cornerstone of building strong, enduring partnerships. Our seasoned consulting experts specialize in navigating the complex terrain of contract negotiations, ensuring that your business interests are safeguarded while fostering collaborative relationships with your stakeholders.

    With a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes, we employ a meticulous approach to every negotiation, considering the immediate terms and long-term implications for your organization.

    Our commitment to excellence extends to our credentialing service, which ensures that your partners and vendors meet the highest industry standards. Read some of our testimonials and references to see what our clients say about us.

    By integrating expert contract negotiations with comprehensive credentialing, we provide a holistic solution that empowers your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

    Trust MedCycle Solutions to be your partner in contract negotiations and credentialing, delivering results exceeding your expectations.

    Staff working on provider credentialing services in a healthcare facility.

    Why MedCycle Solutions?

    We’re not just another credentialing service. We offer a holistic solution integrating expert contract negotiations with comprehensive credentialing services. Trust us to exceed your expectations and empower your business in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.


    1. What services does MedCycle Solutions offer for provider credentialing and enrollment?
    MedCycle Solutions offers comprehensive services for provider credentialing and enrollment, including Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment, Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment, CAQH Registration, NPI Registration (Type I and Type II), revalidations, and credentialing software implementation for streamlined operations.

    2. How does MedCycle Solutions help providers get paid faster through credentialing and enrollment?
    Our experienced consultants expedite the credentialing and enrollment process, allowing providers to start practicing and getting paid sooner. Our expertise and efficient approach result in quicker credentialing and enrollment with contracted payers.

    3. How does MedCycle Solutions reduce stress for healthcare providers during the credentialing and enrollment process?
    The credentialing and enrollment process involves extensive paperwork and administrative effort. MedCycle Solutions alleviates the stress by handling the entire process, saving providers time, energy, and resources.

    4. Why is it important to choose MedCycle Solutions for credentialing and enrollment services?
    MedCycle Solutions brings expertise, experience, and relationships with payers to streamline the credentialing process. Clients benefit from getting credentialed and enrolled quicker, reducing stress, and avoiding costly mistakes in the process.

    5. What types of provider credentialing and enrollment mistakes can MedCycle Solutions help avoid?
    Our team’s extensive experience helps abvoid costly mistakes by ensuring accurate completion of credentialing and enrollment forms. We work diligently to set up providers correctly the first time, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

    6. Can MedCycle Solutions assist with contract negotiations for healthcare providers?
    Yes, MedCycle Solutions offers contract and fee negotiation services. Our seasoned consulting experts navigate the complexities of contract negotiations, safeguarding your business interests while fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholders.

    7. How does MedCycle Solutions integrate contract negotiations with credentialing services for a holistic solution?
    MedCycle Solutions takes a holistic approach by integrating expert contract negotiations with comprehensive credentialing services. This ensures that your business thrives in today’s competitive healthcare landscape, with a commitment to excellence in achieving favorable outcomes for your organization.

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