Staff Training & Education

Today’s practices & their staff are faced with constant changes like safety, federal regulations and insurance requirements. With all of these issues, plus the ever-changing healthcare industry, keeping current on everything can be challenging.
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When your staff is properly trained in their area of focus, your practice will enjoy benefits like increased cash flow, shorter time-to-payment and improved efficiencies within the practice. MedCycle Solutions  can help your staff with their continuing education or if they’re new to your practice.

MedCycle Solutions offers on-site and virtual training and education for your staff. When your staff is confident in their knowledge, they’re likely to make less mistakes and be more efficient, helping your bottom line.

We also offer customized training solutions based on your staff’s needs.

To determine your training and education needs, we first do an audit of your current Safety, billing, and coding processes as well as your staff’s knowledge level. After assessing your practice needs, we develop our recommendations for training to ensure your staff is getting the exact education they need to contribute more to your practice.

Our training programs include:

  • Coding Guidelines & Requirements
  • Billing, Reimbursement & Collections
  • Internal Chart Reviews
  • EMR & PMS Optimization
  • Patient Access
  • Scheduling
  • Medical Records & Documentation
  • Payor Credentialing
  • HIPAA, Regulations & Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Individualized programs, based upon your practice’s current needs


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