Careers at MedCycle Solutions


  • We are committed to doing our part in creating a positive, healthy team-centered environment and making MedCycle a great team to be a part of.
  • We are committed to a respectful relationship with each MedCycle team member, regardless of position or job title.
  • We do not engage in bickering, back-biting, and complaining – they are detrimental to the MedCycle environment.
  • We understand that “the team” is comprised of the entire MedCycle team, as well as all the clients that we work for and their staff.  Turf is for the ball field!
  •  We understand that flexibility is a key attribute and will remember this as unforeseen circumstances arise during the workday.
  • We take responsibility for resolving issues promptly and respectfully with the MedCycle team.
  • We are committed to finding solutions to problems rather than complaining about them or blaming someone else for them.
  • In problem-solving, we are open to the ideas, opinions, and solutions of all MedCycle team members.
  • We remember that none of us are perfect and that human errors are opportunities for forgiveness and growth – not for shame or guilt. 

Core Values

  • Team First
  • Optimism
  • Growth-Minded
  • Trust
  • Balance
Doctor working on medical billing and coding software
Healthcare consultant explaining revenue cycle management strategies to a client.

Leadership – CliftonStrengths

Our leadership team has all completed their Strengths Assessment.

Randi’s Top 5 Strengths (CEO, Owner)
  • Connectedness
  • Relator
  • Empathy
  • Strategic
  • Learner
Laureen’s Top 5 Strengths (Director of Operations)
  • Responsibility
  • Achiever
  • Arranger
  • Includer
  • Belief

Billers / AR Representatives

  • Insurance A/R
  • Rejections & Denials
  • Corrected claims
  • Coding Issues
  • Appeals
  • Timely Filing
  • Work Queues

Credentialing Representatives

  • Contracting for Clinics
  • Credentialing for clinics and facilities
  • Medical Staff applications for facilities
  • Follow-up on status of applications
  • Detailed Record Keeping
Workspace focused on healthcare billing services in a medical facility.
Do Not Apply If You:
  • Are oversees
  • Are another RCM or billing company
  • Work or contract for another RCM or billing company; working for them and us would be a conflict of interest.
  • Live in California (CA)

Career Opportunities

We have an active 1099/independent sub-contractor team. Everyone enters MedCycle under this model. After a probationary period of working together, some of those team members move on to become W2 employees.

What we look for:
  • Individuals (not companies)
  • Problem solvers
  • Team players
  • Doers – who roll up their sleeves, dig in, and get their work done
  • USA-based personnel
  • Remote working experience
  • Certification applicable to the position
  • 2+ years’ experience in the area you are applying for
  • Available at least 30 hours/week, Monday – Friday, during standard CST business hours


If this sounds like the type of environment you would excel in – please email [email protected] with the following information:


  • Resume
  • Hourly Wage Requirement
  • 2 Letters of Reference