Revenue Cycle Management – Unlocks Profitability for Medical Practices

Next to patient care, revenue cycle management is likely the most important function of your practice. Ensuring that procedures are properly captured, coded, submitted and collected upon will define your profitability.

Many practices struggle with one or many functions of the revenue cycle – missing out on potential revenue opportunities, affecting their bottom line.

How MedCycle Solutions Transforms Your Medical Practice Revenue Cycle

Our solutions are customized to the needs of each practice to assist you in the areas you need most. MedCycle Solutions helps practices of all sizes and specialties. We do this by identifying the root causes and opportunities for improvementOur experienced revenue cycle team helps you implement workflow efficiencies which result in greater cash flow and maximized reimbursements. 

Expert Revenue Cycle Consulting Tailored for Medical Practices

We have worked with many practices to improve their revenue cycle management process. Starting with an evaluation of current processes, we review every function of the revenue cycle in your practice. We provide feedback and recommendations on how to improve your process so your practice can be more efficient and profitable.

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Is Outsourcing RCM the Right Move for Your Medical Practice?

If your practice is experiencing one or more of the following pain points, you’re a great candidate for revenue cycle management outsourcing.


The High Cost of Staff Turnover

There’s a significant investment in finding, hiring, training and retaining qualified staff to run your back office. It is often devastating when that staff takes that knowledge and goes to another practice. Our revenue cycle management solution helps fill that gap. Our team is your team. 


Navigating the Maze of Denied Claims

When practices experience denied claims, it often adds undue time and energy to research, fix and resubmit the claim. MedCycle Solutions’ coding team are Certified Professional Coders and are able to greatly reduce the number and frequency of denied claims, saving your practice time and getting you paid faster. 


Speeding Up the Long Reimbursement Process

Often times with broken processes, reimbursement takes much longer than it should. This could be caused by denied claims, heavy workload or delayed charting. Long reimbursement affects your cash flow and ultimately, your bottom line. By reviewing every function of the revenue cycle, we work with your practice to ensure your revenue cycle is efficient and accurate, getting your practice paid faster.


Meeting Short and Long-Term Staffing Needs

Many practices experience a peak where their typical staff cannot handle the additional workload. MedCycle Solutions comes alongside your team to augment your staff for however long your practice needs the extra help.


1. How does MedCycle Solutions tailor its revenue cycle management solutions to meet the unique needs of each medical practice?
Our revenue cycle solutions are customized to address the specific needs of each practice. We identify root causes and opportunities for improvement, working closely with practices of all sizes and specialties to implement workflow efficiencies, resulting in greater cash flow and maximized reimbursements.

2. What is the process of revenue cycle consulting offered by MedCycle Solutions for medical practices?
Our experienced revenue cycle team conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your current processes. We review every function of the revenue cycle in your practice, providing feedback and recommendations to enhance efficiency and profitability.

3. Is outsourcing revenue cycle management the right move for my medical practice?
If your practice is experiencing challenges such as high staff turnover, navigating denied claims, delays in the reimbursement process, or short and long-term staffing needs, outsourcing revenue cycle management with MedCycle Solutions can be a beneficial solution. Our team becomes an extension of yours, addressing these pain points and optimizing your revenue cycle.

4. How does MedCycle Solutions help with the high cost of staff turnover in medical practices?
Staff turnover can be costly, both in terms of time and resources. Our revenue cycle management solution serves as an effective alternative, providing a dedicated team that works seamlessly with your practice. This eliminates the need for finding, hiring, and training qualified staff and reduces the risk of knowledge loss when staff members leave.

5. How does MedCycle Solutions handle denied claims and speed up the reimbursement process?
Our team consists of Certified Professional Coders and Certified Professional Billers who specialize in minimizing denied claims. We work to reduce the number and frequency of denied claims, saving your practice time and ensuring faster payments. By reviewing every aspect of the revenue cycle, we optimize efficiency and accuracy, facilitating quicker reimbursement.

6. How does MedCycle Solutions assist with meeting short and long-term staffing needs in medical practices?
During peak periods when your existing staff may be overwhelmed or during times of staffing shortages, MedCycle Solutions can augment your team for as long as needed. Our team seamlessly integrates with yours, providing additional support during high-demand periods.

7. How can my medical practice benefit from tapping into MedCycle Solutions for mastering the revenue cycle?
By choosing MedCycle Solutions, your practice gains access to a team of experts dedicated to maximizing your revenue cycle efficiency. We assist in identifying and addressing pain points, reducing denied claims, speeding up reimbursements, and providing ongoing support to optimize your practice’s financial performance.

Tap into MedCycle Solutions for Mastering Revenue Cycle in your Medical Practice