Medical Billing & AR Cleanup

MedCycle Solutions uses a holistic approach to understand all the facets of your RCM processes. We know that addressing one issue within your accounts receivable (AR) process will most likely impact other elements of your business. MedCycle Solutions works alongside your office, to provide training and support that is appropriate to your needs. MedCycle Solutions highly skilled professionals have firsthand experience working in health care organizations, so they know the industry — right down to the nuances of the insurance companies you work with every day. We understand the challenges of declining reimbursement, and are here to help!
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Medical Billing & AR Cleanup Services

  • Billing Services
  • Rejection & Denial Management
  • Appeals
  • Insurance AR clean up
  • Patient AR cleanup
  • Trend Analysis
  • Management & Education of RCM Department
  • ERA & EFT Setup & Implementation
  • Cash Flow Improvement
  • Healthcare Benchmarking
  • Reduce claims errors
  • Workflow Best Practices
  • Short Term or Long Term, Billing or Cleanup Services available!


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