It’s hard to step away and evaluate your own practice with a fresh perspective. Metrics can reveal issues or room for improvement, but it takes specialized knowledge to translate those numbers into a solution. Our consultants are experienced in primary and specialty clinic care and have worked with practices nationwide. We look at the big picture, narrow in on problem areas, and recommend the best path for your needs and budget.

Success takes time and collaboration. Partnering with a medical practice consultant allows healthcare professionals the opportunity to improve their clinic on many levels.

What does our consulting process look like?


After an initial introduction to go over expectations, the client agrees to the scope of work for their project. 


The client is assigned a dedicated consultant to manage the project. The consultant will interview key employees and stakeholders to fully understand the issues. All of that information helps us breakdown the workflow, identify opportunities, and evaluate the Return On your Investment (ROI). We review data like accounts receivable to assess how your revenue cycle has been affected. 


After the evaluation, we put together a customized action plan that’s specific to your practice’s needs. With a finalized action plan, our consultant gets to work right away. The plan will be reviewed with the client outlining key target dates, goals and our recommendations for successful outcomes. 


With a finalized action plan, our consultant gets to work right away. A timeline will be set, and the length of it depends on factors such as access to key information, employee availability, and whether our consultant will work onsite or remotely.


Once the project has been completed, our consultants will continue to follow-up periodically to review the ROI and (Key Performance Indicator) KPI metrics.

Maintaining a continued relationship is important to us, and we’re dedicated to seeing your continued success.   

The overview of what we do:

    • Identify opportunities for improvement in your practice.
    • Allow open communicate between staff and stakeholders.
    • Build accountability for long-term accomplishments.
    • Boost staff confidence by streamlining problem areas and offering resources.
    • Improving overall revenue for your practice.

Sound like the solution to your problems?

Then it may be time to invest in a consultant.

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